Trade your expertise.

Our knowledge is readily available to us, and extremely valuable for some others – now you can trade it. Any time you share yours, you earn the right that we organize a 15 minute call for you to learn from anyone you want, at any time.
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Coffee Chat sets up brief phone calls for you to go places. Grow your karma and benefit from the knowledge of others. Gather advice you're missing, and give back by sharing yours.
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Deborah, medical student
„Super helpful call. After finishing my studies I am facing a lot of questions about my next career steps. Speaking with a chief physician about those? Bliss!“
Stefan, chief physician
You're welcome! You can reach out anytime if you have other questions.
Christian, amateur bicycle racer
”I wanted to advance in bicycle racing. Coffee Chat connected me with a former race cyclist at international level – I would never have thought I could once ask a professional athlete about his experiences!”
Leif, olympic athlete
I think I could really help Christian – gladly again!
Coffee Chats people asked for
At Coffee Chat, we see that everyone has a next step in mind. Be inspired by these questions of others – which coffee chat would really help you right now? If the right person isn't on Coffee Chat yet, we will invite them to join.
Getting started
Solving a problem
Deciding about the future
A fascinating idea
Cultivating a hobby
Speak with a publisher about how to start a publishing house.
Speak with an art collector or young artist about how to buy my first piece of art.
Speak with a doctor about reproductive medicine.
Speak with a blogger about how to start one.

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