We have put together a list of answers to frequently asked questions. If you have other questions free to reach out to hello@coffeechat.app for support.

What is Coffee Chat?
Think of it like the “connector” who facilitates brief chats between you and specific people who you don't yet know – the person introducing you to people you want to meet. Launched in 2018 in Berlin, we are bringing people together every day for brief conversations that are always the start of something new – you share your perspective and simplify the next step for someone.
Why do I need Coffee Chat? I have friends.
It feels kind of strange to speak with people I don’t know. Can't I just not do this?
Who is behind Coffee Chat?
How much time is needed for a coffee chat?
What do I have to do as a Coffee Chat user? Are there any duties or liabilities?
I don’t think that people want to help others.
Is Coffee Chat better than searching on the web?
What are you doing with my data?
Do my chat partners see my phone number?
Can I delete my account again?
How many requests can I put in?
Do I have to answer requests to participate in Coffee Chat?
Does it cost any money?
How does Coffee Chat make money?
Great idea! I’d like to join. Do you have any open positions?
How does the matching process work?
What kind of requests can I make?
Do I need to like coffee?

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